Study of Penis Enlargement

dr. Arturs VavereEach year, men are increasingly more interested in penis enhancement with the use of natural, safe and effective enchancement method - manual method. Even though manual methods are more than 3000 years old, reference medical literature does not provide any scientific research on the use of the methods.

I have been practising as physician - sexologist for over 15 years (since late 90's) and I have used manual penis enlargement method in my practice. During my practice as physician, on the basis of professional experience and by summarising the most effective manual method exercises, I have come up with augeotensive method.

The augeotensive method involves specific penis massage. By increasing the pressure in tissue and stretching it, penis tissue cell multiplication process is stimulated. As a result, dimensional enhancement is achieved in both calm and aroused state. During my professional career, I have performed around thousand penis enhancement procedures and provided numerous consultations on opportunities for natural penis enhancement for men not only from Latvia, but also from Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and Russia.

In June 2015, I commenced a clinical study about penis enhancement opportunities with the use of manual (augeotensive) method.

Research goal: determine penis enhancement opportunities with the use of manual method.

Research time frame: 2015 - 2016

Research description: research sample consists of 12 - 15 men between the ages of 19 and 27 wishing to increase penis dimensions with the use of manual (augeotensive method).

Anthropological measurements were performed prior to the commencement of the study: height, weight, anogenital size, penis size in non-aroused and aroused state (length and circumference), penis size in stretched state.

Each male involved in the study shall complete a monthly penis enhancement procedure course (14 procedures). Penis measurements shall be repeated after completion of the procedure course and the obtained enhancement results shall be summarised.

Expected results: after the completion of the course, it is expected that for 90% of the men penis dimensions in aroused state will have increased by 0.5 - 1 cm (length and thickness).

At the same time with the increase of penis dimensions, sexual activity of the men involved in the study is also assessed along with its effect on the penis enhancement process. It will be interesting to find out whether the research results will present a correlation between the anogenital size and penis size and/or enhancement process.

Here you will find more detailed information about the course of the study - about measurements, procedures and obtained results.

The first clinical study about penis enhancement with the use of manual (augeotensive) enhancement method!

Dr. Arturs Vavere - physician - sexologist, sex pathologist

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